Removing your Home Old Siding

Some home renovations provide more return on investment than others. Basic home maintenance such as removing or replacing your homes siding is one of the biggest since it is the most visible aspect of your home and can greatly increase the homes appeal. Siding replacement can recoup as much as 85 percent or more of its cost and still has one of the highest returns on your home investment while providing an aesthetic look. Plus you never know.

What beautiful architectural styles are hiding under your old siding? We’ve painted and renovated siding on hundreds of homes in New Jersey and our pictures tell the whole story. When we arrive for your estimate, we will go over the entire house, once complete, we will sit down with you and discuss any necessary preparation, and repairs that may be needed.

Our work philosophy known by our costumers as GIKAS the WIZARD is creatively carried from project to project enhancing your home with texture, colors and details in order to comprehensively restore its charming properties. Absolute and uncompromised attention is given to the preparation of your home for painting as we will not stand the embarrassment to see your chromo symphony fall apart after a short period of time therefore our work comes with a standard warranty. We offer some of the most desired services in the industry. Top of the list is removal of old Aluminum siding and restore the original Architectural look and feel.

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