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House painting: How long does a coat of paint take to dry?

When the weather clears and the temperature rises, it is the ideal period for house painting so that it dries on time. Gikas will help you with the planning of the painting project!

Do you want to freshen up your home a bit with a paint job? After how long can an oil painter apply the second coat to achieve a uniform and professional result in house painting?

If you see a lot of different articles about how long you should wait before applying the second coat of color, then this article was written perfectly for you.

Waiting the right amount of time for the first coat to dry well will help you avoid uneven texture and even uneven shade by using the ideal amount of paint. Think that each hand makes a shade more intense, so if there’s one thing you want to avoid, it’s patches.

Plastic wall paints (latex)

Overall, the necessary time a paint takes to dry depends primarily on the type of paint and then the surface. Latex paints (commonly known as plastic wall paint) tend to dry faster than other types, with only one hour required to touch the wall and four hours to apply a second coat.

Oil-based wall paints – Oil paints

Oil-based paints, on the other hand, require 6 to 8 hours until you can touch the painted area and 24 hours until you can apply a second coat of oil paint. If you’re in a hurry, it’s a good idea to write down the times you painted everything, so you know when you can continue.

The hygrometer

High humidity in Montclair means it takes longer for the paint to dry. This is because the liquid components of the paint are better preserved in the higher humidity, without evaporating at normal times. Do not start painting in a room with more than 50% humidity because you will suffer.

The thermometer

Temperature definitely affects house painting projects. Specifically 3 temperatures:

  • The first is the storage temperature of the paint which should not exceed (usually) 30 degrees Celsius.
  • The second is the ideal temperature for latex plastic wall paint which is from 10° to 30°.
  • The third is the ideal temperature for oil-based paints – oil paints, where it is between 4° and 32°.

In any case, something like this is controllable if you have air conditioning, but it’s a problem if you’ve just moved (and don’t have electricity) or don’t have air conditioning. If you are performing exterior painting, avoid very hot or cold days.

house painting

Space ventilation

Perhaps the biggest problem. If you live at home, you have to keep the windows open, either to dry or to let the smell out. If not, you must secure the balcony doors and interior doors very well so they don’t slam.

If the ventilation is not good, it takes time for the paint to dry. On the contrary, the fresh air pushes the water molecules to evaporate and the dye “holds” well.

House painting doesn’t need effort, it needs a way!

  • If you want a freshly painted wall to dry quickly, use a roller to paint it and apply steady pressure.
  • On the contrary, if you press disproportionately, drops of paint may drip or you may paint in a different shade.
  • If you put too much paint, the edges of the roll will transfer too much paint and again it will be painted disproportionately.
  • If you decide to use a brush, then you spend more paint, take more time and it takes longer to dry.

Listen to the manufacturer

Usually the manufacturer’s instructions are accurate. But sometimes you have to wait a little longer, as the times given by the manufacturer for house painting are for use by a professional in ideal conditions.

If you are working in conditions worse than those mentioned above, give the paint a little extra time to dry before applying a second coat and keep the manufacturer’s instructions as a guideline.

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