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7 painting techniques for impressive wall designs!

Whether you want to change the color of your wall, or you want to do something different than a simple, classic painting, there are many painting techniques you can try to give a more special effect.

Apply one of the following, either on a single wall, or throughout the room for a bolder effect and see your space transform!

1. Sponge painting techniques

The sponge technique is widely known and is one of the most popular. To achieve it, you apply the first layer of paint to your wall. Then with a sea sponge, dab on a lighter shade in “messy” motions.

Extra tip: With two or three consecutive dabbings like this in different color tones, you achieve impressive results!

2. Drawings on the wall with masking tape

Having painted your wall in the color you want at the base, you create shapes with blue paper tape. Then you paint the second layer of a different color and after it dries, you carefully peel off the tape and what’s left is a beautiful design – the one you chose!

Extra tip: It is important to choose the blue paper tape, as it has very high levels of color absorption and is easily removed, without leaving marks.

3. Bag painting techniques

For an irregular effect, choose 2 different colors or 2 different shades of the same color. Paint first with the base color.

Then wrap the roller very well with a plastic bag and while the paint is fresh, go over the wall with the second color.

The relief designs that will impress are ready!

painting techniques

4. Stripes painting techniques

Whether vertical or horizontal, stripes are a classic choice. Prefer mostly thick stripes, both to make the effect more dramatic, and because thin ones can be dizzying.

After measuring the correct distances between the stripes, you draw lines with a pencil to delimit the stripes and cover these lines with blue paper tape.

When the painted stripes dry well, you remove the paper tape and cover the painted ones, continuing the painting with them.

5. Chessboard painting techniques

Create a striking checkerboard effect on one of your walls by using blue tape to build the design, first horizontally and painting with the first color.

Then, after it dries very well, you remove the paper tape and place new ones on the painted sections and paint vertically with the second color.

Extra tip: It is very important to measure carefully so that the design comes out right.

6. Stencils painting techniques

With the stencil painting techniques, you can very easily decorate your walls with special designs and repetitive patterns. Ask for the best painters in Montclair nj!

7. Make your wall look like… jeans!

Using a brush and varnish color, you can with a very simple painting technique make your wall look like jeans. You paint your wall with the varnish color and with a hard brush you make bold movements on top in the direction you want, horizontally or vertically.

Thus, stripes of different shades are created that give an effect that resembles jeans!

Even painting with new wall designs can be a lot simpler than you think, as most painting techniques require the same painting time and preparation if done by professional painters.

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