What color should I paint every room in the house?

If your goal is to refresh the interior of the house by painting, you can achieve it by changing the color at home. But which color suits every room in the house according to its use?

We all need a little refreshment. So is our home, after all it is known that our personal space contributes to our mental and physical peace and well-being in various ways. Painting is one of the easiest ways to refresh every room in the house.

With little more than a layer of different tones you can instantly revive a living room or give a bedroom a whole new feel. But choosing the right color can be difficult, especially if you have no idea where to start.

Every room is meant for something different and colors can convey a sense of style and set the tone for different moods. It has been proven that the right painting shades can improve the quality of life, which is why experts recommend colors according to the activity.

Pink color for the office

We have heard many times that pink is soothing and peaceful, and there is a shade for every taste. Experts recommend it for painting your office, where it will remind you to take deep breaths often and relax.

You can try fun combinations by mixing pink with pastel shades of mint or pale yellow.


Bright yellow kitchen

The color yellow represents good mood and is one of the brightest colors, which give a bright feeling to the space. Butter yellow is considered by many to be an excellent choice for the painting of the kitchen.

This shade boosts appetite, while at the same time improves energy levels in the morning, which we all need to start our day off right. Especially in case you feel that waking up in the morning does not suit you, a yellow kitchen will increase your enthusiasm and motivation.

Blue for relaxing bedroom

While recent studies point out that blue light increases alertness, blue walls offer a sense of calm, safety and protection, making them ideal for a large bedroom.

You can try indigo blue, a shade with darker tones, which is one of the most practical shades of blue, as it can easily be combined with other colors. If you want to keep the blue, try combining bold shades with lighter tones to balance the final painting result.

Red for exercise at home

Even though we can’t visit our gym often, that doesn’t mean we have to give up working out. Find a space in the house where you can work out and transform it by painting the walls in shades of red to add light and energy.

In fact, according to a recent study, the color can enhance physical performance, which makes a red-hued wall a great option for not missing a workout, even at home.

Lilac for creation

A creative space, like your studio, should have an unexpected color that will enhance your creativity. Unlike much darker shades of purple, lilac exudes an air of mystery, which “awakens” motivation.

It is a great painting color for stimulating the imagination, and you can also combine it with more neutral shades, such as gray.

Warm white for the dinning room

Many may think that there are plenty of white shades to choose from, but which one is the best of them all? Although it’s all about your preference, a warm white can transform your dining room making it more inviting and warm to welcome your loved ones back.

Silver for busy entrances


Create a relaxing atmosphere in the entrance of the house with gray shades. Also known as one of the most neutral colors, gray can make busy entrances calmer, and even if it doesn’t attract attention, this painting color certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.

Combine warm with cooler shades of gray to give a fresh and modern aesthetic.

Orange for the living room

Orange is a refreshing color that gives a warm feeling to our spaces.

It’s ideal for key areas of the home where you usually entertain, such as your living room. However, if you find a color too bright, you can paint only one of the walls, combining it with softer tones to achieve a balanced effect.

Whether you are one of the color fanatics and love to mix colors and shades or prefer more classic patterns and designs, experts reveal some secrets to achieve the perfect painting color.

Start with what you have!

We all have our own preferences regarding the style and aesthetics of the rooms in our home. But when it comes to color, there are really so many shades that it can be difficult for us to choose.

Gikas experts in this case recommend starting with a color that already exists in the room and you like it. Any shade on an object, furniture or even on your tiles can also become your starting point.

Consider the use

If you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s a good idea to think about how you’ll use the space you’re going to paint for inspiration. Color is personal and what you choose for a particular space depends on the air you want it to exude.

Depending on the advice of Gikas experts and your own preferences, you can navigate through a palette of painting shades until you finally find the ideal one.

Test the color on the wall

It’s important to always test the color you’re considering on the wall and not stick to what it looks like on the bucket or lid. As the light changes throughout the day, the shadow will appear darker and lighter.

So if you are between two close shades of the same color, by painting a small part of the wall you will know which one is more suitable for what you want.

Monochrome style… Yes or no?

Some designers suggest keeping a single color throughout the house, using different tones and shades to create variation from room to room. The final choice, however, is all about your preference.

If you have an open kitchen with a combined living room and dining room, then different shades of the same color will make the space seem even larger and more open.

On the other hand, if you want to visually distinguish your spaces, you can also choose different colors, creating balanced and chic painting combinations.

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