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The repair of the roof needs, above all, good planning and proper study by a specialized workshop, Gikas Painting and Roofing in Montclair, NJ. Most older constructions have various roofing problems. Weather conditions, lack of insulation, lack of maintenance, earthquakes, etc. cause damage to the tiles.

Why choose Gikas roof services?

There are many reasons why Gikas Painting is No1 choice in residential and commercial roofing. We love our job and that depicts in our finished projects.

Our company deals with roof repair and has many years of experience we also undertake:

  • Laying tiles,
  • construction and repair of tiled roofs,
  • awnings,
  • kiosks,
  • pergolas,
  • attics,
  • canopies and any work for your roof.

Thermal insulation properties

Thermal insulation materials and beyond a beautiful aesthetic result, offer the ideal conditions inside the space that have been installed.

Many years of life

By using quality materials for roof construction and repair, you ensure resistance to harsh weather conditions and long-term durability.

Replacing Your Roof

Every homeowner wants to protect and improve the value of their most expensive asset, their home. Now is the time to think about what sits on top of it, namely, your roof and gutters. Replacing your roofing is a home improvement likely to return more at resale, returning 80 percent or more.

If the roof is leaking, buyers won’t get beyond that. Replacing your roof may increase what your home is worth but certainly will help you maintain the value that it already has. Replacing your roof and gutters may not seem as nice as new granite countertops, fancy appliances, or a new flooring, they can have a disastrous effect on your home value. A leaky roof and broken gutters will allow water to flow to places where it isn’t supposed to and could cause sever damage and health risk to you family.

Repair your roofing

Repairing a roof, or even changing it, if necessary, is one of the most important tasks for the safety of your home. If you feel happy to have a roof over your head, you should also take care of it.

If last winter left its mark on the roof of your house and you neglected to repair it in the last few months, you should probably think twice. You still have plenty of time until the bitter cold and frost catch up, at which point repairing the roof will be a very difficult task. For better or worse, a problem in your roof can not be compared to an electrical or hydraulic failure.

A simple leak in the roof of your house, may be the reason that you will not go on vacation this year or next year in the summer. Ask Gikas Painting to make some smart choices for roof repair in your home in Montclair, New Jersey.

The specialists in gutter installation

The gutter is a construction of pipes which accumulate mainly rainwater and giving them one direction usually lead them to the ground or the sewer system. At the same time, before the construction of the gutter, there is the possibility to choose the color you want from a wide range of colors according to what you think suits the exterior aesthetics of your house or the roof.

Gikas painting will help you protect your investment and bring your home to its full beauty and value. While most roofing companies think that a roof is just a roof, at Gikas painting, we take our work very seriously. We drive by and see houses that we get excited to work on. We enjoy every minute of your project from the initial consultation to the final piece of trim. Please take this opportunity to view our work page. You will see all of the fine detail we put into our work.

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