10 colors for next level productivity

If you are the type of guy that spends the whole day and night in his office, you should definitely read this guide about the painting color combinations that you can have in your office. We will present you with 10 colors for next level productivity.

Being a maniac in your work means that you absolutely need an environment that pleases you and also, motivates you to perform to the fullest. Research has shown that the choice of color for painting an office, despite the fact if we are talking about a home’s one or into a professional space, has a great effect on the mental function of the brain, as some color combinations have a positive effect, while others negatively affect our mood.

White is a color that can always been combines with others in a easy way. In case you match it with the right color shades, then is gonna to give you results that is going to make your day by surprising you! If you not happy by the single shades that makes your office boring, using some others despite the monochromatic ones is the best effort to renew your working space.

In these guide we will try to make your mind with ideas that are gonna help you find the perfect color combination, in order to make your own success!

Top 10 color combinations for office painting

Vegetable color with White shades

A color that will stimulate you is Green. The one that will also give you the best energy for your working place. On the other side, White is a neutral color that is going to offer you the safety, but also the balance and clarity. Talking about some elements that could be essential for the environment of a working space.

Brown and White combination

White with coffee is one of the classic office color combinations that will offer you confidence and comfort in your professional space. So, it is an attractive choice to choose from the pallete of these two, making you and your customers feel like their home.

Combination of Peach & White

In 10 colors for next level productivity, peach shade is one of the colors that has been proven to make us more optimistic and help improve our mood. So, in combination with white, they can make you see your office with a different eye. Use them and feel your every day with nice feelings.

Gray – White colors in painting

If you still like neutral and calm colors but without strong contrasts, then the combination of gray and white shades will be the ideal for you. Gray is a color that expresses calm and the need for isolation. So if you try to combine it with white, you will have the perfect color combination, for a peaceful environment for your work.

Black shades and White color

An all time classic color combination that leaves no one unmoved is white with black. If you have a spacious office space and you are not afraid of dark colors then this combination will excite you! Also a very modern color combination you can use in a work place that will be for young people.

Blue & White painting shades

Blue is a color that symbolizes clear thinking and rational behavior. Combined with white color, is going to express the safety feeling. The one that is going to relax you and help you reduce work stress. Also a color that is ideal for working environments that are near the sea.

Peanut & White colors

Peanut is a modern color in our 10 colors for next level productivity choices, that goes perfectly with white. Like many other shades of green, it will help us to concentrate more easily. It will create the feeling of calm and modern mood that your office needs. Go ahead and try it to ensure a relaxing environment.

Orange & White combination

Orange is described as an eccentric color choice. It belongs to the warm colors pallete and promises to give you the motivation, creativity and also, the necessary enthusiasm you will always need to increase your productivity to the maximum levels.

The Red & White in 10 colors for next level productivity

Red is an intense color choice. We use it to enhance the encouragement feeling, as the one of creativity in offices that we need it. If you are the type that gets away from the tranditional color mixing, then you should try to paint a part of the white wall, by a shade of the pallete of red. At the end, the final result will surprise you.

Petrol & White for productivity

One of our of the top shades in choosing a color  for a working environment is Petrol. This is the right color to choose when we need the energy and creativity in a space. In case we combine them with white color, our spece is gonna take the air of rejuvenation, that a pro office will always needs.

In this article we presented you with 10 colors for next level productivity. We want to ensure that you are going to get inspired to find the right color combinations for your home or professional office. The one that will take your productivity to a higher level. Of course there are also many other color combination to choose from, that can perfectly match your working space.

If this type of work is not for you, there is always a chance of finding a pro team and taking a look at their projects. They will always guide you in in your needs by the help of their experience and painting tricks. Don’t hesitate to make the move for a better environment in the spaces that you spend most of the hours of your life.

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