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5 Reasons why you should paint your house

Painting is the fastest, easiest and most economical way to change the look of your home or office, while nowadays, it offers you incredible opportunities to show your creativity.

With the help of a good professional painter for painting you will learn everything you need to know to transform your spaces! Trust Montclair Painters in New Jersey to transform your house professionally.

So let’s start from the beginning. To be here, you are seriously considering painting your home, office or shop, but either you look like a mountain or you have no idea about every step of the process, or you are still looking for the right professional who will implement exactly what you have to dream.

Why do you have to paint?

1. Maintenance painting

If many years have passed since the last time you painted your premises and the colors have faded or due to maintenance problems you have wet and peeling walls, then a good paint is necessary.

2. Embellishment

With so many colors, designs and ideas that you see around you every day, you are a little jealous and you also want a new modern color on your walls. Don’t think about it, it’s worth it.

3. Renovation painting

Whether you decide to radically renovate your space or just make small changes, painting is necessary because it is the most immediate way to show your changes.

4. To increase its value

A well-kept space looks younger, more well-maintained and with the right techniques can look bigger, brighter and more stylish.

5. Moisture signs

Painting your home if you already have moisture signs is not a permanent solution if you do not get rid of the roof leaking that causes the discoloration on your walls. The best way to protect your house from extreme weather conditions is by repairing your roof or constructing a new one on the top of your house.

If you are going to take advantage of a space, whether a house, a shop, or even a holiday room for a while, then with a good and correct painting you will more easily convince those interested to pay something more.

What will you paint?

The spaces you will paint will determine many things, from the time and effort you will need to the tools, the type of colors and of course, the cost of all the work.

So sit down and record exactly the spaces you will paint, their square meters, if they are walls or ceilings, what their use is (toilet, office, children’s room) and do not forget to mention which of them are external.

Prepare the space

Before you start painting, you should make sure that you or the painter have plenty of space to move and of course all the furniture is protected from the splashes of paint. Some people just cover everything with transparent nylon or old sheets in the middle of the room and thus have space to move close to all the walls. Painting preparation is the most useful tip.

It is a good and quick solution, but think that if you have to paint the ceiling, then your movement is very difficult. Also, if the furniture in the room is large, there may not be enough space left for the painter. Finally, if the nylon is not placed well, some furniture may get dirty, which in many cases does not fix.

If you want to do it right, the best solution is to remove every object from the room, leaving it completely naked. If the room still has closets, empty them too. The smell of paint, especially if it is not ecological, will take a long time to leave the clothes.

Remember to remove all luminaries. City lamps, unless you want to paint in the dark.

Smooth the walls

If the wall has holes from the nails you took out, cracks and openings in the finishes or in the skirting board, you have to plaster them well to close them because if you try to paint on them then the result will not be uniform and will definitely get worse.

Allow the putty to dry for a while before proceeding to interior painting. Also if there are bumps a good sanding is required.

Clean the walls

If you have put wallpaper and posters on the walls, if the wall has nails, is wet or if the previous paint has peeled then it is important to clean it well before the first coat is applied because this way your paint may not “sit” well or even, can make embossed marks. With simple soap, scrub, brush or sandpaper, it depends on what you want to remove.

Also, if you have mold and moisture problems, call someone immediately to help eliminate the cause because there are cases where a wet or moldy wall peels again, fills with mold or changes the shade of your new color in just a few days. So do not get bored looking at all this, it is important.

Once you have done all this, remove any kind of dust from walls, floor, ceiling and corners because it can make your result rough.

Plaster the walls

If the wall has holes, cracks and openings in the finishes or in the skirting board, you have to plaster them well to close them because if you try to paint on them then the result will not be uniform and it will definitely get worse. Allow the putty to dry for a while before proceeding.

How many hands of paint?

The secret to a well-painted house, office or building is a uniform color on a smooth surface, will not change density from point to point, will not show the previous color and most importantly, will not want to be painted again after for a while because it peeled or faded.

Only one hand is the easy and believe me, the most common solution. Especially from ephemeral professionals, as strange as it may seem to you. Because a single coat of paint saves them time, materials and labor. But most of all, it provides them with frequent work because very soon this space will have to be repainted.

So do not make the same mistake. Once you get into the trouble and the exit, do it right and you will really greatly improve the end result. Apply without stinginess and primer and two or even three coats of paint if needed especially for exterior painting. Especially if the previous color was dark and should be well covered.

Time to paint!

The basic and simplest painting technique is the following. Follow the steps one by one and you will really see that painting is very simple. But if you have chosen a specific technique then you may need to change some of these steps.

Who will paint it? Gikas the painting experts

For some, a decorator in collaboration with a specialized workshop of craftsmen and experts in painting is the best way that of course costs a lot but the truth is that all you have to do is say yes or no to the awesome suggestions of the decorator and then to empty his corner until he delivers it complete.

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