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Choose the right color for the children’s room

With painting give a pleasant, special aesthetic note to the children’s room, choosing the right color, the appropriate color shades for the decoration of the children’s space! One of the most beautiful and warm places in a house, is the children’s room!

Every parent wants to create the appropriate, pleasant, but also beautiful environment for the personal space of their young child!

One of the first choices that must be made before starting the pleasant process of decorating the children’s room, are the colors that will be used to paint the walls and surfaces of the space.

Before you visit the special paint shops that will show you the rich palette of shades, read in the following article, useful information that will help you choose the ideal color with which you will decorate the most special and important area of ​​your home!

The positive effect of colors

According to research that has been done, colors affect the psycho-emotional balance, especially of children, because they are in a period of development and it is necessary to experience a healthy, harmonious and pleasant environment.

Based on studies that have been carried out, the 7 advantages of the appropriate color choice for the children’s room are the following:

  1. Colors improve the emotional development of the child.
  2. The child who grows up in a space that is decorated with the appropriate colors, becomes more cooperative and generous.
  3. Exterior noise levels are reduced when the walls of the room are painted.
  4. The appropriate colors in the children’s room, help the child to better organize his thoughts and contribute to his intellectual development.
  5. When the color harmony prevails in the children’s room, then the child will be calm and peaceful and any aggressive tendencies will be limited.
  6. Babies sleep better in a room with color balance.
  7. The colors make the atmosphere of the children’s room, calm, happy and warmer!

Learn how each color affects

Theories that have been developed following research on the positive effects of colors can help you choose the right color for your child’s room.

  • Red: It is the color of fire which immediately attracts attention and creates strong feelings of excitement, energy and euphoria. For the coloring of the children’s room, the exclusive use of the red color is not recommended, because it causes tension and irritation. However, if you want your child to be energetic, cheerful and enthusiastic, you can use small red details in the decoration of his children’s room.
  • Orange: If you want to give a welcoming, warm and friendly atmosphere in the space of the children’s room, then the shades of orange are the ideal choice to make your child’s space comfortable and bright. The color orange creates calm and positive emotions and positively inspires group discussion and the externalization of thoughts and feelings.
  • Yellow: The color of the sun gives fun, vitality, optimism and helps the child to develop properly, but it can especially benefit his spiritual development. The child who grows up in a space dominated by the color yellow, gathers more easily, absorbs knowledge faster and expresses his thoughts and feelings more comfortably.
  • Green: Green is the dominant color of nature and symbolizes new life, new beginning, freshness and positive development. In the children’s room, the color green can help the child to have calm and organized thinking. It creates the right atmosphere for relaxation, rest and tranquility, which is why the color green is mainly recommended for the baby’s room, because it helps the baby to be peaceful!
  • Blue: For the decoration of the children’s room, the bright blue or sea, is the color that creates a pleasant but also creative atmosphere! If you want your child to be productive, attentive, calm and easily and quickly overcome whining and tension, then choose a pleasant, bright shade of blue to decorate his room!
  • Purple: The color that symbolizes the office, luxury and kingdom is none other than purple. For the children’s room, it is recommended to use the color of lavender, which creates a calm and serene atmosphere, but also offers a sense of luxury in the space!
  • Pink: Pink is the ideal color for decorating a girl’s children’s room and is the first choice of color from the female leaf! Pink can help your little girl to be creative, dynamic, romantic and lovable. It contributes to the emotional balance, to the restful sleep but also to the removal of the unpleasant feelings.
  • White: White is the color of purity, purity and innocence, but it is a cool shade for the children’s room, which according to studies contributes to the creation of secret thoughts and feelings. It is not the ideal choice for coloring the room, unless combined with another color.
  • Gray: The gray color, lately has entered for good in most homes and has become fashionable … Shades of gray are not recommended for decorating the children’s space, because they create feelings of sadness, melancholy and introversion. The gray color is more recommended for the decoration of an office, where it is a space where you want to distance yourself from all the external factors that distract you and you want to dedicate yourself exclusively to your work!

Do not forget that any painting option is clearly a matter of parent’s choice for painting the children’s room. So, follow your heart and everything will go great!

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