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Are you thinking of painting your house? It is definitely a process with more difficulties than you can imagine, so it would be good to be done by an experienced technician like Gikas Painting in Montclair to get the desired results.

Both exterior and interior house painting requires proper surface preparation before applying the paint, advise Caldwell Painters NJ. In case the proper preparation is not done as well as the necessary works that are required, then it is possible that the surfaces of the walls, after painting, will not look as you would like.

What is the right preparation for painting – Caldwell Painters NJ?

Protection of furniture and frames

House painting work is likely to cause damage to the furniture and floors of the house. So, in order to protect your furniture from dust and damage, Caldwell Painters NJ cover the surfaces of your furniture with nylon and the floor with special fabric before the painting work start. Caldwell Painters NJ who will undertake to paint your house are very careful so that there is no damage caused.

Wall plastering

The walls, especially of older houses, are likely to crack or have nail holes. Proper painting requires a smooth wall surface. Otherwise there is a possibility that water will be created that will destroy the appearance of your wall. For this reason, Caldwell Painters NJ place putty in the holes and then sand with sandpaper. Thus, the surface will be ready for painting.

After plastering, it is the turn of troweling the walls. With the trowel the surface becomes even smoother. Also, Caldwell Painters NJ use the right primer, to protect your wall from cracks.

The primer is placed on walls and ceilings in order to strengthen the insulation. Also, the primer makes the adhesion of the paint better.

Caldwell Painters NJ Interior Painting

For the interior painting of a space Caldwell Painters NJ focus on two factors:

1. Selection of suitable colors

Generally, in the interior painting of a house, on large surfaces, light shades of colors are used, while on small surfaces, such as columns, more intense colors are applied. As it is known, the light shades enlarge the space, while the dark ones give the impression of a smaller space. The combination of colors you choose should consist of a dark and a light color in similar shades. This gives harmony and helps you relax at home. Also, the combinations that Caldwell Painters NJ will use in the different rooms of the house must match each other. At the same time, to make a difference you may choose a wall style with a sponge or roller, which will give a more modern touch to the specific space.

2. Ideal conditions

Any painting work must be done on days when the weather is good. Rain and humidity can affect the end result. For this reason, most people choose to paint their house during the summer months, when the sun and heat help the walls to dry more easily and quickly.

Caldwell Painters NJ Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is definitely more difficult and requires more time and effort than interior painting. Exposure of exterior wall surfaces to the sun and weather conditions complicates the preparation needed to apply the paint. So, in order to do the job properly, the following steps must be done:

Check the wall surfaces

To start painting exterior surfaces, Caldwell Painters NJ check to ensure that the surfaces are clean and smooth. Our technicians who will undertake the painting project can do this check to determine the good condition of the walls and to do the necessary work in case they are needed.

Priming of the walls

The primer should is used on both interior and exterior walls in order to strengthen the insulation of the house and to be able to apply the paint correctly. Modern acrylic and waterproofing paints are distinguished for their quality and durability, while properly prepare the surface for painting.

How much does painting a house cost in Montclair?

The price for house painting is a factor that you will definitely consider if you are going to paint your house. Prices for this type of work are usually not fixed but vary based on certain specific characteristics. The characteristics that affect the final painting price are:

  • Squares you want to paint: The main factor that affects the cost of painting is the square footage of the surface you want to cover with the paint. Usually, prices are set per square meter. However, Caldwell Painters NJ offer a free estimate… Call now!
  • Condition of walls: Another important factor that affects the price for painting a house is the condition of the walls before the start of work. Caldwell Painters NJ will make more effort in case the walls need repairs, while at the same time it will take more time.

The condition of the walls is divided into:

  1. Good condition: When the walls are just dirty and only need a refresh.
  2. Moderate condition: When the walls have to be painted over ten years or have accumulated moisture, resulting in the need for spatulas and scrubs.
  3. Poor condition: When there are cracks in the walls or spots where the paint has gone. In these cases Caldwell Painters NJ must repair the damage before painting.

Caldwell Painters NJ Painting Materials

There is a great variety, both in color brands and in codes. Colors and paints differ in their shades, quality and properties. Respectively, the prices also differ. There are also different options for substrate and primers that provide strengthening and stabilization. The cost of these materials usually does not differ much from market to market. Caldwell Painters NJ can advise you on the supply of materials you will need in Montclair.

Painting Styles in Montclair NJ

Usually, the styles Caldwell Painters NJ use cover small wall surfaces, in order to give a special feeling to the space. Their price is usually higher than that of the classic house painting, however the result is much more impressive.

Why should you choose Caldwell Painters NJ for house painting?

By choosing us, Gikas Painting you will find evaluated Caldwell Painters NJ near you with many years of experience. So, if you are thinking of painting a house, interior or exterior painting, all you have to do is to call our professionals, who can guarantee you the quality of the result.

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