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Colors play a very important role in our lives and we, Gikas Painting in Montclair NJ fit them perfectly into it, mainly in the painting design of our house. So, painting a house does not have to mean just a white paint on the wall! Wall colors are a major concern for any homeowner who wants their space to have style and originality. We, Glen Ridge Painters suggest you some artistic painting solutions that will make your space unique!

Why choose Glen Ridge Painters for painting your house?

Get rid of the monochrome and paint your walls in beautiful colors of your choice with an additional artistic intervention by Glen Ridge Painters! With the rendering of designs and unique details that surpass any imagination! There are basic tools for this purpose, like special brushes with the design you like, your favorite color, but also the special gel for the process! The advantage of this method is that it is very simple and can be applied easily! All Glen Ridge Painters need to do is complete the steps correctly:

  1. Glen Ridge Painters paint the wall with the color of your choice and let it dry.
  2. Once the wall is completely dry, we apply the special gel all over the surface with a clean brush.
  3. We use the paint brush with the built-in design and use it all over the wall. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal… It is purely your choice and we encourage you to create spontaneously because only then the result will have the dynamics and creativity that you so want to see!

We have all the tools for styling and many more to achieve the desired painting result!

Montclair House Painting – Go beyond the ordinary

Painting the interior house becomes a creative and interesting process with Glen Ridge Painters unique painting style. Many times you may have noticed in buildings and common areas various styles but you never got into the process of looking for it because it seemed too difficult to be able to ask for it in your own space. And yet! It is something easy and very simple for Glen Ridge Painters that gives originality and style to the walls of your house!

First, we paint your wall with a plain white paint and then let it dry well. Then apply a second coat on the wall with the colors of your choice. Allow it to dry well and then take a brush with stiff bristles. Begin to apply horizontal movements to the entire width of the wall by pressing the brush to create lines and let the white fade discreetly. Then, we repeat these movements vertically! The wall looks like fabric!

If you want to create a professional result you need to hire Gikas Painting workshop in Montclair to paint the house and achieve an ideal result! We choose the right tools, and quality paints and start painting!

Gikas Painting for interior and exterior painting in Montclair NJ

Gikas Painting is a company with many years of experience in the field of construction, renovation, maintenance and painting services. We, Glen Ridge Painters offer our painting services with love and passion with the primary goal of satisfying our customers.

We are a pioneering and constantly developing painting company. Our main activities include apartment renovations, exterior painting, house painting, renovations of shops and hotels, with many years of experience in the field of painting of all kinds.

If you are looking for professionals for the exterior painting of an apartment building, it is possible that one painter is not enough. To complete the project immediately and safely, you will need a specialized workshop like Glen Ridge Painters, with extensive experience in the field. The professionals Glen Ridge Painters of our company can help you, offering quality services, at affordable prices.

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