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The process for home painting is a job that dramatically renews the whole image and atmosphere of the house and our very mood. Call Gikas Painting the experienced professionals in Montclair so as to be properly organized. The whole process requires consistency and emphasis on the good choice of colors both in terms of material and in terms of aesthetics.

North Caldwell Painters share with you their useful and practical tips to organize and carry out the best way of painting your home.

Before painting your home, make the right choice of colors

Of course, before North Caldwell Painters start painting your home, you should think about what color you will paint each room and space. Get inspired and think about what atmosphere you want to create in each room of your home. Then after finding the shades you want to paint your house choose the type of colors.

The types of paints are many and are divided depending on the surface on which they will be invested. Regarding the interiors, the following types of colors are basically selected:

  • Ecological colors: Ecological colors are colors that are friendly to the environment as well as to humans. Their main characteristics are that they are odorless, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The cost is more expensive than the rest but their quality and result are definitely worth it.
  • Plastic paints: Plastics are the most popular type of paint, especially for the interior. They are easy to apply and offer high coverage and uniformity. They are characterized for their high and stable quality as well as for maintaining the shine and color intensity for a long time.
  • Acrylic paints: Acrylic paints are basically preferred for exterior surfaces of plaster or concrete. They have high performance and high resistance to severe weather conditions.
  • Ripolines: They are the most common color choice for wood and metal surfaces.
  • Fungicides: This type of paint, as their name suggests, is recommended for areas of the house where there is humidity and a high probability of fungal growth. Such spaces are those of the bathroom and the kitchen.
    Satin: A type of colors with high quality and top aesthetic result. Their main feature is the velvety appearance but also their great resistance to stains and washes. They are an ideal choice for your bedroom and of course your living room.
  • Watercolors: These colors have low durability and are usually chosen for areas of minor importance that do not welcome people. Such are the warehouses, the lofts and the stairwells.

North Caldwell Painters always find the painting solution!

Weather conditions (especially extreme ones) affect painting to a greater or lesser degree, but in no case should they discourage you from painting your spaces and creating your own world… winter or summer!

Just keep in mind the following “wise” North Caldwell Painters tips for painting depending on the weather and save effort and money!

  • Paints and varnishes are sensitive to temperature and when applying them you should strictly follow the instructions on the packaging.
  • The ideal temperature for painting is 20 to 25 degrees Celsius!

Avoid painting on very cold or very hot days!

When it is very cold, the surfaces are cold, the paint becomes thicker and the solvent is slow to evaporate. The opposite happens on very hot days. Extreme temperatures increase the likelihood of problems with the final result of the paint (lines, wrinkles, reduced gloss, cracking, reduced color properties).

Avoid painting when there is very high humidity!

In conditions of high humidity, the paints dry slowly and unevenly, according to North Caldwell Painters. Especially acrylic paints should not be applied when it is raining or it is going to rain. Also, North Caldwell Painters pay attention to the painting of wooden surfaces, as with high humidity the wood has more internal humidity, resulting in problems.

Take care of the ventilation of the space!

With a good breeze, the paint dries faster and more beautifully while the volatile substances of the paints are easily removed. On the other hand, a strong current of air can affect the uniformity of the gloss of the paint.

Why choose North Caldwell Painters for painting?

By choosing us, Gikas Painting you will find evaluated North Caldwell Painters near you with many years of experience. So, if you are thinking of painting the interior or exterior of your property, all you have to do is to call our professionals, who can guarantee you the quality of the result.

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